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Oracle DBA job

February 23, 2016 Comments off

Why the Oracle DBA job is classified as a complex job

fresher dba jobsThere is a misunderstanding about what exactly the Oracle DBA profession is. Some people assume that this profession depends on technically matter only. The reality is contrasting the assumption as an Oracle DBA is forced to deal with all IT and managerial functions. An Oracle DBA has a maximum responsibility in solving all problems related to the whole of database design, database implementation, backup processes, and recovery ones. Every Oracle DBA needs to have what called excellent communication skills used to communicate with other people in solving one or more IT problems.

To note, Oracle instances are now consolidated onto large server ranging from 32 to 64 CPUs, that results in the decreasing of DBA staffs required. That is the common phenomenon of a relation between increasing technology with the amount of employers. We know background of the use of a lot of CPUs, namely multitasks to be done by DBA. An Oracle DBA needs to manage scheme design as well as other data management tasks. They get a lot of job roles.

The knowledge of Oracle database systems is not the only one needed by an Oracle DBA.

This is the base understanding. An Oracle DBA needs to combine advanced business management knowledge with database knowledge in an intention of performing database activities entirely. The Oracle DBA job needs what called college-level communication skills, formal education, real experiences (some companies requires at least 5 years of experiences), database knowledge, and so forth. The ability of explaining Oracle concepts clearly is the base preferred ability needs to have for every single prospective Oracle DBA. The master-level education degree on information systems is something can’t be compromised. Anyone who has the master-level education degree on information system is expected to solve data normalization as well as star schema design matters. Shortly, the Oracle DBA jobs run a lot of tasks.

Indeed, it is very tough job due to this reason Oracle DBA earns more. Fresher DBA is really encountering to get job and it is not so easy as you are thinking. Every technical interview is very tough and you cannot say that you cleared after finished. There are so many tricky and real time example based queries are being raised during interview. Interviewer always tries to get best candidate from high competitive market. You can get some help from

But it doesn’t mean that fresher Oracle DBA never acquire job. Using your depth knowledge and help from some senior DBA you would easily clear technical interview.