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How to start writing code in VisualBasic?

October 22, 2012 Comments off

The final step involves writing BASIC commands, also known as code to make your program actually work. If you want to edit the appearance of your user interface, you can go back and alter it at any time. The whole purpose of Visual Basic code is to tell the object on a form what to do when the user does something. For example, if the user clicks on an OK or Cancel command button, nothing happens unless you have written BASIC commands to tell your computer exactly what to do.

Any time a user presses a key, moves the mouse, or clicks the mouse button, such an action is called an event. Whenever an event occurs, the code written for that event gets executed (sometime referred as ‘fired’).

Essentially, writing a VisualBasic program means drawing your user interface and the writing basic code or procedures to make the user interface work. VB is best frontend for Oracle database as backend.