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SEO- Do’s and Don’ts

March 2, 2020

google rankingSEO is very essential in the present world to develop the business. Most of the web site owners make use of SEO techniques to increase the traffic towards their site and to increase the page rank with different search engines. Being in the top tank results of a search engine is not an easy task and there are many rules and regulations to be followed to stay in one of the top ranks. Algorithms used for calculating the page rank are not constant. So, it is not a good method to follow a single algorithm to develop the rank. The only method to develop the rank is to be honest with whatever the content pasted in the site and constantly updating the site as per the user requirements.

Here are some do’s and don’ts of SEO to increase the traffic towards the web site:

Do’s of SEO:

  • Always focus on the user requirements. Try to include the content which will be searched by most of the users.
  • Try to include the content which is correct and try to be honest.
  • Include the paths which are reliable and safe to the user.
  • Check if every page on your site is working and doesn’t include any unreliable information.
  • Google considers lot of details while ranking. So, you should consider and pay attention to every point.
  • Create content such that you r users should be benefited from it.
  • Communicate with the search engines using spider paths and site-maps regarding the new pages added on your site which will help in developing the rank.
  • Use correct and detailed Meta tags.
  • Include videos and photos. However, make sure you do not use many photos as it takes lot of time in opening the site if too many photos are uploaded.
  • There is no bad ranking. So, be patient. You always have a chance in developing the rank.

Don’ts of SEO:

  • Do not make changes as per the ranking which will create negative impact to the user.
  • Don’t copy content from other websites. Try to include your own information which is beneficial to the users.
  • Do not use URLs with many keywords such that the user may feel it spam.
  • Sometimes there is a possibility of occurring dead pages. So, don’t take a chance of leaving them. Try to link the dead pages to some other page.
  • Don’t try to include links that are not appropriate. Always make sure the linked pages are not only related to the parent page but are also safe to the user.
  • Don’t try to upload many images to attract the user. This may create problem in opening the page faster. Don’t use the techniques that may put your site in risk. For example, black-hat techniques are though useful it is very risky to use.
  • Do not leave your website without any updates. Try to update your site each day at least with some new and interesting content.
  • One of the important points to be remembered is not to put the content in pop-up. Because most of the users will block the pop-up’s.


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