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Does there no Importance of Database administrator in Oracle Cloud database?

March 5, 2018

Oracle Cloud offers Platform As A Service called PaaS. In this PaaS, it also offers Database As A Service called DBaaS. In DBaaS, Oracle provides so many automation tools for maintaining Oracle database, Dataguard, DR, Oracle RAC. Using these tools you can easily take the backup, recover, patching and administrating database. Thus people are now murmuring that there is no importance of Oracle database administrator in Oracle Cloud. But actually, the fact is different.

There are rumors that Oracle database administrator’s role is no more in Oracle cloud DBaaS. I heard this from some people are discussing this issue. Of course, some activities become easier in Cloud like backup, recovery, patching, administrating, scaling up, scaling down, etc. But we can’t say that there is no importance of Oracle DBA in Oracle cloud. Still, some tasks need to be performed by Oracle database administrator. Therefore don’t fret DBA still have plenty work to try and do in the cloud.

If you are working as Oracle database administrator on traditional on-premises databases then you need to perform so many tasks like administration, managing security, performance tuning, capacity management, monitoring database, monitoring backup, monitoring space usage, disaster recovery planning and deployment, testing backup for accurate recovery, patching, upgrade, etc. In DBaaS, as Oracle cloud DBA you also need to perform same tasks but using some different tools like DBaaS monitor, DBaaSCLI, DBCSCLI, bkup_api, DBPATCHM , RACCLI, etc. You need to create or modify security lists and firewall rules for providing and getting access to cloud database to the outer side.

You can get more detail of role and responsibilities of Oracle in DBaaS get from Oracle DBA role in Oracle cloud database. I don’t discuss more here because this article is very useful for DBAs.

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