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Explanation on what a class C IP address in SEO

February 13, 2018

Here is an SEO belief that has not really been confirmed one way or another yet. The belief is that having hyperlinks from the same category C IP deal with will not help you. If you never know what I am discussing here is how you malfunction an IP deal with.


So where the CCC is that variety needs to differ. The thinking behind this is that someone could get the web host and put 1,000 different websites on it and then the web links them all to one website trying to obtain its link-building. So the Google put an end to that by using the IP of the websites to determine how much importance to provide the web link.

There are quite a few individuals that never believe that this belief is really just for the inescapable reality of how well-known web host is. If this belief is real then all those websites on the same web host can’t help each other out with the position.

There is some proof that can confirm this belief though. I have followed many conversations on this subject and have seen some outcomes that create me a believer. The outcomes generally just confirm how a website with far fewer hyperlinks can out position a website with a ton more hyperlinks. This is because the website with fewer hyperlinks has a ton more different category C IP’s hyperlinks than the one with just more hyperlinks.

Like I said I am a company believer in this belief and I never even like to reference it as a belief but until confirmed beyond a question I will contact it that just to get individuals too satisfied. So when you are doing link-building be sure to examine out the IP deal with on where your web link will be placed to create sure your web link will take the most importance.

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