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Low white blood cell count -Medical Technology

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Low white blood cell count is a condition that is known as Leukopenia or sometimes referred to as leukocytopenia. The decrease in the number of white blood cells leaves individuals or sufferers at risk of infections. There are many conditions or diseases that do lead to the decrease of the number of white blood cells in individuals. Neutropenia is a form of Leukopenia or rather a sub-condition related to the disorder. Neutropenia is the reduction of the neutrophil granulocytes that circulate the blood system. Most of the conditions or diseases that lead to the reduction of white blood cells are chronic in nature, however, there are some that can be treated. In the article, we shall refer to the loss of white blood cells as Leukopenia.

Causes of reduced white blood cells

A recent infection like a cold or flu may lead to the white blood cells of an individual being reduced. The loss of white blood cells in the body is also related to radiation therapy, chemotherapy, aplastic anemia and myelofibrosis which cause the production of red and white blood cells to be affected. Some well-known medications are known to reduce the number of white blood cells. HIV and AIDS are a huge threat to the number of white blood cells in one’s blood system.


HIV is the virus that leads to the disease or syndrome called AIDS. This condition occurs when the immune system of an individual is reduced due to a virus attack on the white blood cells. The virus, therefore, attacks the white blood cells which contribute to the body’s defense mechanism. Thus HIV and AIDS lead to reduced white blood cell count. HIV and AIDS have no known cures though they can be controlled and treated to some extent.

The other conditions and diseases that lead to Leukopenia include Hodgkin’s lymphoma, typhoid, some forms of cancer, tuberculosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, enlarged spleen, sepsis and many others to mention but a few. Mineral deficiency may also lead to the reduction of white blood cells, as there are important minerals that are essential in the production of red and white blood cells. The essential minerals that are needed for the production of white blood cells include copper, zinc and other minerals.

White blood cell reduction due to an infection

Pseudoleukopenia is related to Leukopenia but can be termed immediate low white blood cell count. This happens at the onset of an infection. During an infection, the white blood cells in the blood group gather up at the site of infection and at this point when a sample of blood is taken it will indicate low white blood cell count. Even though the white blood cells will be being produced in large quantities, they will be moving to the site of infection.

Medications that lead to reduced white blood cell counts (Leukopenia)

There are some medicines that can affect the production and functions of the white blood cells and thus lead to Leukopenia. The medicines that are known to cause low white blood count include clozapine which is an antipsychotic medicine. Immunosuppressive drugs which include sirolimus also cause Leukopenia.


In order to diagnose Leukopenia, an individual will have to undergo a complete blood cell count. This is when a test is carried out to note the number of white blood cells that will be present in a certain blood volume against the normal white blood cell count reference. Doctors or medical practitioners will always refer to a given chart or data of white blood cell count. If the white blood cell count is noted to be low or below the normal reference point then the patient is said to be suffering from leukopenia. The doctor will then identify the cause of leukopenia and also note if the condition can be treated or if it is temporary.


Low white blood cell count (Leukopenia) is caused by quite a number of diseases and medical disorders. Some medical treatments and medications can also lead to leukopenia. The low white blood cell count may indicate that an individual is suffering from an infection or a condition that leads to the loss or inhibited production of white blood cells. The HIV virus is known to attack the white blood cells and thus lead to the reduction of white blood cells. Leukopenia is diagnosed through a test called complete blood cell count


Cancer Research for Breast Cancer

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Research on breast cancer is usually done by agencies like the National Cancer Institute and the associations of breast cancer. The National Cancer Institute has organized a group of inventory, consisting of members from various fields such as the organization of science, medicine, industry, and defense meet to discuss research topics. Issued research recommendations, including the purpose of research in various fields, including biology, genetics, prevention, treatment, and others.

Associations of breast cancer also doing their own research and make recommendations to despite what they may encounter. What we are doing clinical trials, where the effects of new treatments are being studied in patients diagnosed with breast cancer. One of the most important aspects of research on breast cancer is to identify risk factors. By identifying risk factors and control, which is changed, we are able to reduce the risk of incidence of breast cancer. The treatments have also been developed to control or eliminate the uncontrollable risk factors. Development of a new breast imaging technology is also better. With better equipment, tumors can be more easily detected, even for women with high breast density.

Among the advances in research on breast cancer is the discovery of a new gene that may increase the risk of breast cancer. BRCA1 and BRCA2 are two genes that may be associated with breast cancer and these are the genes we inherit from our parents. Therefore, if a parent had cancer, the risk that the defective gene is high, so the risk of breast cancer was also high. However, even if you inherit a defective gene, a gene is enough to control the cell growth. It is therefore important to take care of this gene. If both genes are damaged, cell growth control can be achieved. However, the abnormal, uncontrolled cell growth in cancer cells. Recent studies show that apart from these two genes, another gene called HMMR increasing the risk of breast cancer. A mutation in this gene increases the risk of breast cancer. Studies show that women with a mutation in this gene have a risk of 2.7 times higher than those without.

It was also found that BRCA1 interacts with and the results of the interaction gene-modification is to make the gene unstable and pave the way for cancer to develop. Research and clinical studies have shown that there are certain ways where the risk factors for breast cancer may be increased. Those who work in textiles and in hospital wards are having more chances than others. While these increase the risk, there are also factors that reduce the risk. These include a leading role in work and eating high fiber foods and low sodium diet.

Another search was conducted to determine the relationship between fat intake and risk of breast cancer, and researchers have found that there was no correlation between fat intake, if they are monounsaturated, saturated or polyunsaturated. Scientists are still studying the effects of birth control pills on breast cancer. Although recent studies found a connection, the results are not yet conclusive.

Cancer Research – What to do?

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a1We all know that cancer is a disease which is complicated and can lead to death easily. But the hope is their researchers are conducting all over the world to cure it in any stages in easy ways. Still the process of research is going on and not a proper method to treat for the final stage of cancer is found. An uncompromising, self-serving narrow-mindedness of some members of organized medicine is destroyed by sharp truths fired scientists from around the world. It is evident that the great shame for “Cancer Research” organizations, no matter how many persons are living with liver cancer cells, and other types of cancer. No matter the time spend for repeating this experiment and how it spends public money in a blind effort to square the circle.

This view is not as controversial as it was before. Recently, a doctor from the Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation and the Board of Directors of the Foundation of allergies mentioned that allergy is considered to be closely related to the natural immunity, including the body’s production of antibodies fight against invading germs, and that the evidence of all kinds has shown that body resistance factors are closely related to the creation and subsequent evolution of human cancer. Theorists have suggested that cancer cells can develop from time to time in the normal body, but most of them are unusual enough to be successfully attacked by the body’s natural defenses.

Today it is increasingly difficult to deny the role of liver cancer, especially when they are in TIP – The tumor inhibitory principle – which is made of the body. The normal liver produces a chemical that plays to effectively prevent cancer growth in experimental mice. The factor is ignored, and the blood serum and bile have not been found in patients with cancer. It seems that the hypothesis of deficiency, either congenital or acquired, these inhibitory factors may play a fundamental cause of cancer.

Today, it is increasingly difficult to ridicule the role of nutrition in cancer, especially since a researcher discovered that a radical change recognized in the diet of trout from leftover meat bread into pieces and ruined their livers caused an epidemic of cancer. It is also increasingly difficult to deny the link between cancer and diet of a person. Researchers are also made to find the relation between diet and cancer but not a satisfactory result is found still.

However, it is still hard to deny that any significant progress has been made in the fight against cancer. 1957 actuarial study of more than 100,000 patients by surgery group Insurance Society reveals that one of the seven had cancer. Even the research is going on we can expect a wonderful medicine or treatment which can be found out in coming future to cure cancer completely in any stages. Also, it can be possible to find the methods to prevent cancer using any vaccines or other easiest ways. Keep hope for a cancer-free world.

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What is Web Hosting Services?

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The technology behind web hosting will depend on how well your website stays up and running. The field of web hosting has become very lucrative but there are those out there who claim that they provide great web hosting services and give you very little in return. In order to have your website up and running, you should find out how dependable your web hosting services will be. You want a reasonably priced web host provider but the provider must also provide you with above average services.

You need to ask your web host provider certain questions that will help you to maintain a good website. Shared web hosting has become popular as a solution to getting more e-commerce to your website. You should check out your web host to find out if they work with your type of website or if they are specialists in other types of websites. You may need a web host that is for personal hosting, e-commerce, business hosting, shared hosting, and Christian hosting whichever is your niche make sure that the web host covers that area.

Many things should be verified before you select your web host. You are going to determine if the web host meets your criteria, in pricing, domain hosting, and are they reliable. A reliable web host is a top priority needed to make sure that you are getting the best service all the time. There are web hosts that only charge $3.95 a month, which is a reasonable price. However, are you getting the services that your company will need to thrive? You need to be able to get traffic driven in your direction and monitor where the traffic is coming from.

The web host provider needs to provide you with optimization that will allow you to keep track of your traffic. You need to know where the traffic is coming from and how much traffic your website receives on a daily basis. There are many different web hosts out there and in order to find the best one to suit your needs, you need to do a little research on the search engines. Those who are wise will check out the web hosts to find out which ones have the best record and are considered to be the most valuable web hosts in your niche.

Just because a web host has a top, record in hosting for e-commerce accounts does not mean that they will do an adequate job if you have a different type of website. You need to find out about your web host and what type of accounts that they handle. It is a good idea to listen to reviews on their services to find out how other clients liked or disliked their services. There are many types of web host services. The web host services are available to help you with your website making it possible for you to be a success. Select your web host after carefully checking their credentials.

Advantages of Article Directory Submission

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Article directory submission is a wonderful method of search engine optimization that has been growing in popularity these days.  Content writing is the backbone of search engine optimization.  Keywords play a vital role in building traffic to your website.  As an aspiring affiliate marketer, you have to think in terms of attaining link popularity for your website.  Submission of articles to article directories is one of the SEO methods that go a long way in improving the link popularity of your website.

Although there are quite a number of article directories on the Internet, the selection of proper article directories is a must when it comes to getting proper results.  You should look for article directories that enjoy high page ranks in the search result pages of the popular search engines.  You should look for article directories that are nicely and methodically categorized.  In other words, ensure that the article directory that you have chosen to submit your website to get backlinks is nicely divided into proper categories to choose from.  Place your article in the right category to get good results in the form of backlinks.

It is important to know that article directory submission has its own advantages.  The purpose of article directory submission is to get extra visitors to your website from other sites through links placed in them.  Place the link to your website in the article you submit to the article directory at the proper place so that a reader or a visitor does not fail to click it while reading the article.  It is very important to place the link at the proper place in the article.  When you get the placement of your link right, then backlinking is guaranteed in article directory submission.  Once the visitor clicks the link in the article then he visits your website.  This is called as backlinking.  It is said that backlink is the very life of search engine optimization.

As a matter of fact the more backlinks you get for your site the better it would be for your site in terms of link popularity.  Hence the greatest advantage of article marketing or article submission to article directories is the acquisition of backlinks.  You may not see the results of article submission very quickly but the results are bound to improve by leaps and bounds in the course of time.  Article directory submission will bring success to you for sure.