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Advantages of Web Directory Submission in SEO

February 2, 2015 Comments off

directory-submissionWeb directory submission is one of the key methods of search engine optimization. Submission of a website to a popular web directory certainly bears great results in the form of link popularity and page rank. Web directory submission is often a neglected area when it comes to search engine optimization techniques. SEO methods like forum posting, article submission, blog commenting and the like are employed by the affiliate marketers these days to perfection. On the other hand, many affiliate marketers fail to recognize the importance and the significance of web directory submission.

It is important to know that web directory submission has got its own advantages. You should never underestimate the efficacy of submission to web directories. Most web directories are highly ranked in the search pages of the popular search engines. Hence if you submit your website to a popular web directory, then the chances of your website receiving high page rank is high too.

Although there are many web directories available on the Internet for you to choose from, pick the directory that enjoys high page rank in the search results of the popular search engines. There are two major types of web directories. They are free web directories and paid web directories. Both of them have got their own individual uses and advantages. Submission of websites to paid web directories has specific advantages when compared to submission of websites to free web directories.

Go for a web directory that does manual submission of links so that your website improves its link popularity in the course of time. Manual submission is a vital factor when it comes to page rank. Many search engines including Google support manual submission of links than submission through software. Most popular web directories take the effort of improving the page rank of your website by individually submitting each of your links manually in such a way that link building is done with perfection.   Your website will receive an enormous number of visitors over a period of time by virtue of backlinks triggered from other sites.

It can be categorically said that there is no search optimization method like web directory submission when it comes to link building. This is the opinion of experts of search engine optimization. Therefore web directory submission should not be neglected since it contributes a lot to link popularity. Another advantage of submission to web directories is that most directories have different categories to choose from. You can choose the right category for your website to optimize the results.

But how can I found nice and clean web directory to submit my site? This is the best question because Google penalized some of the web directories as “link selling”. Still, there are lots of nice and clean web directories are available like Best Business directory.

If you are not able to find out good directories then you should need to buy some expert services which can offer you excellent web directory submission with the cheapest rate. As per my suggestion, go with some expert SEO services with the cheapest rate of $5. Dbametrix is worldwide leader in remote Oracle DBA support services with low cost remote DBA plans.