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Multitasking in Windows

December 16, 2013 Comments off

Working with more than one program at a time is called multitasking. Each program item execution is called a task. Microsoft Windows is capable of executing many tasks each in its own window. For example, we can execute WordPad and MS Paint at the same time.

To try multi-tasking, execute WordPad, maximize it. Then execute MS Paint from start menu and maximize it also. The name of applications which are currently working will be displayed on the taskbar. That means, at present the taskbar displays the names WordPad and MS Paint. The application or program in which we are currently working with, is called as active application.

Switching between Applications:

To switch or move from one application to another, in above example to go to WordPad from MS Paint, click on the name of the application in the taskbar. The application which is selected will be in the front and the application window which was displayed earlier will be in the background.

You can switch or more one by one application using ALT+TAB keys from keyboard too. To switch between the applications using keyboard hold ALT key and press TAB key. It will display the name of applications which are currently open, in the middle of screen. To switch between applications, hold ALT and press TAB until the desired application is selected and the release ALT.

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