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Learn About Visual Basic Window Adjustment

January 12, 2013 Comments off

Yesterday I read about VB windows adjustment. Off course, I am beginner in VB but it is really interesting to share some idea about this.

An immediate window enables you to debug your VisualBasic program. When you design your user interface, you use the toolbox to draw objects on a form. After you have drawn your object, the step is to customize the appearance of each object by using the properties window. Finally, after you are happy with the way your program’s user interface looks, you can define the location of the interface on the screen by using the form layout window.

How to Closing and Opening Windows in VB?

The VisualBasic user interface may seem cluttered to you, so do not be afraid to modify it for your convenience. Because most parts of the VisualBasic user interface consist of windows, you may want to close them to give yourself more screen space. Then you need to use the interface windows again, just open them up.

To close a window in the VB user interface, click in the close box of the window you want back again. To open a window and make it appear in the VB user interface choose view and then click on the window you want to open, such as code or properties windows.

How to Resizing and moving your Windows?

Rather that closes a window and makes it disappear completely, you may prefer to resize or rearrange the window instead.

To resize a window move the cursor over the edge of the Window until the cursor turns into a double-headed arrow. Then hold down the left mouse button, drag the mouse, and release the left mouse button when the window has the shape you want the window to be.

To move a window, move the cursor over the title bar of a window, hold down the left mouse button, and drag the mouse and then release the left mouse button when the window is in the desired location.

Now we are capable to adjust windows and sizing concept too. Oracle database supports VB frontend. Remote DBA support team always provides support for Oracle databases.