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Visual Basic Tutorials – How to Start New Program?

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What are Options of Project of Visual Basic?

visual basic tutorialsAfter starting Microsoft VisualBasic, you have to create new project dialog box, you have a number of template of the different types of programs you want to create.

Standard Exe:

You can create a stand-alone program that you can copy, give away, or sell to others. Examples of stand-alone programs are Microsoft Word, Lotus, and Netscape Navigator. Stand alone programs have an .exe file extension.

Active X DLL:

You can create a file that has a .DLL file extension. ActiveX DLL files are not meant to be used by them. Instead, these types of files contain subprograms designed to be used as building blocks when creating a stand-alone program.

ActiveX EXE:

You can create a file that has an .EXE file extension. Unlike a standalone exe file, an ActiveX exe file is designed to work as an OLE server, which is nothing more than a program designed to share information with another program.

ActiveX Control:

You can create a file that has an .OCX file extension. Unlike an ActiveX DLL or ActiveX EXE file, an ActiveX control usually provides both subprograms and an user interface that you can reuse in other programs.

ActiveX Document DLL:

You can create a file with a .DLL file extension. An Active X document DLL file is designed to help you run programs on a web site.

ActiveX Document EXE:

You can create a file that has as .EXE file extension. An ActiveX Document EXE file can display a VisualBasic form within an internet web browser.


This feature enables you to create an Addln program specially designed to work with the VisualBasic user interface.

VB Application Wizard:

The Visual Basic friendly guide is to help you create a skeleton VisualBasic stand-alone EXE program quickly and easily.

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