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How to start writing code in VisualBasic?

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The final step involves writing BASIC commands, also known as code to make your program actually work. If you want to edit the appearance of your user interface, you can go back and alter it at any time. The whole purpose of Visual Basic code is to tell the object on a form what to do when the user does something. For example, if the user clicks on an OK or Cancel command button, nothing happens unless you have written BASIC commands to tell your computer exactly what to do.

Any time a user presses a key, moves the mouse, or clicks the mouse button, such an action is called an event. Whenever an event occurs, the code written for that event gets executed (sometime referred as ‘fired’).

Essentially, writing a VisualBasic program means drawing your user interface and the writing basic code or procedures to make the user interface work. VB is best frontend for Oracle database as backend.


What is Windows

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Windows is the area on the screen having the border on all four sides, to perform a specific work. Microsoft Windows executes one computer program within one window. Therefore, several programs can be executed at the same time, each in its own window. The window can be enlarged to fill the entire screen or can be sized and moved to any part of the screen.

A graphical user interface is a means by which the computer can be given commands very easily by the user. The commands, which are to be performed, are displayed on the screen in the form of pictures or icons. The user has to execute the icon to do a particular work

Clipboard is an area in the computer’s memory where MS Windows temporarily stores the copied data. The clipboard is a facility to transfer the data between two dissimilar or similar programs. The clipboard supports cut and paste or sharing between programs. When different applications are running, the data in one application can be copied or moved to another application, example a picture from ms paint can be moved to WordPad file, using the clipboard.

Object Linking and Embedding is a method wherein an object from one application can be pasted to another application and any changes in the original picture can be brought to the pasted picture also. There is a provision to change the pasted picture also by opening the application in which it was originally created.

MS Windows allows executing more than one program at a time. Each program will work in its own windows and the user can switch to any program without closing the previous program. The windows can be displayed side by side or one behind the other. This future is called as multitasking.

When the document is printed on the paper, the printout will look exactly like the document is displayed on the screen. That is, the text will be printed using the same character size, text formatting, alignment, and pictures if any included in the file will be printed at the position it is displayed on the screen.

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