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Oracle DBA Interview Questions

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oracle dba interview questionsHere are some Oracle DBA Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced DBA.

You can find out some useful and tricky interview questions for Oracle DBA. Generally these kind of queries are being raised during technical interview of Oracle DBA. Sometimes may be more complex questions is being asked during technical interview. All things are depending on experience of candidate as interviewee.

Q-1) Your database has a large number of active transactions, as noted by querying the v$transaction view. You attempt to place the USER_DATA tablespace in read-only mode, but your command appears to hang. What is the reason?

The tablespace is in transitional read-only mode and is waiting for existing transactions to be completed. Due to this reason, read-only command is waiting to be finished all active transactions.

Q-2) Which method is the preferred way to move big chunk of self contained data from one database to another database?

Transportable tablespace method provides the quickest way to move large amount of self contained data from one database to another database.

Q-3) How much time will be consumed of 2 TB database restored?

It depends on server hardware and backup. Normally, it takes around 1 hour to 4 hours. But if backup took using snapshot utility then it takes 5 minutes to 10 minutes.

Q-4) NLS_SORT_ORDER or NLS_COMP, Which one NLS parameter is used to control sort ordering and comparison operations?

NLS_COMP parameter has two possible values BINARY and ANSI. Setting NLS_COMP to BINARY causes sort ordering and comparisons to occur based on binary value of the variables. Setting it to ANSI causes an alphabetic or linguistics sort order precedence. Means NLS_COMP is correct.

Q-5) What will happen if the ARCH process cannot copy an archived redo log to a mandatory archive-log destination?

Oracle will continue to cycle through the other online redo log groups until it returns to the group that the ARCH process is trying to copy to the mandatory archive-log destination. If the mandatory archive log destination copy has not occurred, the database operations will suspend until the copy is successful or the DBA has intervened.

In short we can say that, The Oracle database will suspend operations when it attempts to reuse the online redo log that is waiting to be archived to the mandatory destination.

Q-6) If you drop a partition from partitioned global index, How will this operation affect the other partitions in that index?

The partition with the next highest partition range will be marked unusable, and it will need to be rebuilt.

Q-7) How to compare 2 schema objects from different databases?

We can compare using database link and minus function in our sql query. If we have TODD utility then we can compare both schemas from different databases using future of Compare schemas.

Q-8) How to recover Oracle database without Backup?

If flash recovery is enabled then we can recover database without having backup. Otherwise, we cannot recover database without backup.

Q-9)I want to restore my backup at another machine then how can I proceed?

First you need to install same Oracle version at another machine without default database. After that you need to restore backup of database and need to create parameter file using appropriate parameters with respective valid path. Create password file. If data file location is changed then you need to create control file. Just restart your database.

There are numbers of tricky and real time scenario based interview questions can be asked during Oracle Interview. You need to satisfy interviewer with appropriate and logically correct answers. If you are experienced Oracle DBA then more tricky and real time scenario based questions are being asked. I found very good and excellent book of Oracle DBA Interview Questions and Answers of Gitesh Trivedi. I bought book and surprised when I cleared 4 toughest technical interviews of MNC. This book is really great and helpful to all fresher, intermediate, and experienced DBA. This book is most popular book and so many interviewer uses this book for taking interview. Alas, great magical resource I found.

There are more sample resource of book available as following links.


Back Links Building Might Be Out Dated in Future

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Google has been introducing daily new update for eliminating spam and duplicate content. One day back link building might be out of dated in SEO.

seo, search engine optimizationThe best way for search engine optimization today is increasing links building of the web page which helps in increasing the rank of the web page. Links building are a common practice done by the SEO companies as well as the people who do SEO themselves for their web page.

One thing which is been clear about hyperlinks ever since SEO was designed was that they can be controlled. Individuals have been trying to get friendly with search engine results by purchasing link building, developing back-link, and trading hyperlinks in complicated ways and so on ever since people noticed that there can be money to be made by getting on the home page.

On the other hand, public networking sites are really challenging to bogus. Every individual has interactions to many people in the social sites and they have their own popularity in the social sites. Individuals have hyperlinks to established resources, things like institutions and business employers. In order for a public networking account to appear actually, they must have thousands of people knowing them in the social sites. Friends that know them individually, not just on the internet but also personally contribute to the popularity of the site in social network.

An election by an actual human being is worth a lot more to search engines such as Google than a controlled election by a website owner. While with the internet, even with ground-breaking technological innovation it is very challenging to tell about the exact popularity and viability of the sites through links building, in public networking it is relatively very easy to identify. Thus in the near future there is a lot of chance that the search engine will follow the social media popularity for a web page than number links building of a web site.

There was rumor about web directory submission for getting one way backlink that it would be outdated and search engines would not take effect of directory link listing. But still it is working and search engine is counting backlink of web directory submission. Therefore, we cannot say about future. Important thing is referencing from another good and reputed websites which is called as one way link. Any website has more references from nice good and reputed websites then search engines tools always provide good ranking and result would be high web traffic. Reference link is from any website like business site, blog, social bookmarking, or any web directory will be counting as back link.

What is the Rules of Manual Directory Submission in SEO?

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What is the Rules of Manual Directory Submission in SEO?

directory submission, link building,seoDirectory submission service always called as manual directory submission, even service provider uses automatic or semi-automatic software for submit site to directory listing. Directory listing is most powerful technique in one way backling building.

Directory submission is nice off page seo tool for link building. So many companies and individuals are providing manual directory submission with different cost. Rate of manual directory submission is not cheap and affordable. Directory listing provides strong one way backlink to your website. Some nice high reputed web directory with high pagerank is taking time to provide approval and charging some amount as review process. Obviously, this kind of web directory is having so much traffic and submission. Due to long submission list daily, they are taking time in review process.

Web directory listing is smart technique to obtain high quality backlink to website but there are some rules for gaining this advantage.


Web directory should be seo friendly web directory and provides accurate linking to your website using submission title. Off course title of submission covers target keyword of website.


Web directory should contain all categories and we need to choose perfect category for our website without having any problem.


Link Directory should have high quality web site listing without any spam quality sites. Otherwise all afford will be wasting.


Site Directory should be monitored by human moderator and editor for preventing spam and notorious website linking.

Above all rules should need to satisfy with one main condition is affordable rate and cheap rate. Nowadays, it is not possible with any seo company or individual. Manual web directory submission is taking time and hard work. Means for getting quality work, we need to spend more money.

Due to these reasons, I found one best solution that is gig. Fiverr always provides cheap and quality services. I also got high quality directory submission service from fiverr and I tested for my sites. Result is fantastic. It is very cheap, affordable, and high quality directory submission service. Because that guy also is providing introduction of his own affordable seo company.

Explanation on what a class C IP address in SEO

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Explanation on what a class C IP address in Search Engine Optimization

Here is an SEO belief that has not really been confirmed one way or another yet. The belief is that having hyperlinks from the same category C IP deal with will not help you. If you never know what I am discussing here is how you malfunction an IP deal with.


So where the CCC is that variety needs to be differ. The thinking behind this is that someone could get web host and put 1,000 different websites on it and then web link them all to one website trying to obtain its link-building. So the Google put an end to that by using the IP of the websites to determine how much importance to provide the web link.

There are quite a few individuals that never believe that this belief is real just for the inescapable reality of how well-known web host is. If this belief is real then all those websites on the same web host can’t help each other out with position.

There is some proof that can confirm this belief though. I have followed many conversations on this subject and have seen some outcomes that create me a believer. The outcomes generally just confirm how a website with far less hyperlinks can out position a website with a ton more hyperlinks. This is because the website with fewer hyperlinks has a ton more different category C IP’s hyperlinks than the one with just more hyperlinks.

Like I said I am a company believer in this belief and I never even like to reference it as a belief but until confirmed beyond a question I will contact it that just to get individuals too satisfied. So when you are doing link-building be sure to examine out the IP deal with on where your web link will be placed to create sure your web link will take the most importance.

SEO expert always prefers class C IP for link building services and directory listing. Using this technique some nice cheap seo company also provides good search engine results during directory submission and link building.